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Frequently asked Questions

Our team of professional graphic designers are on stand-by waiting for your greenlight. Your project will be assigned to a team member, they will go through your answers and start designing from scratch.

Absolutely! Once you placed your order you’ll receive an e-mail from us with a logo design based on the information you provided within one working day.

We always strive to keep our promises, but we can’t control the elements. In case your project is even slightly delayed we’ll get in touch to either refund your payment or continue designing your logo with a 50% discount.

Sure! You can request additional concept designs during the order process or we can dive deeper after the first design is submitted to you.

If for any reason the payment process fails, we’ll get in touch with you in a short while. You can also reach out to us by e-mail, or live chat.

Yes! Once a final version is reached, the final files that are transferred to you will include a copyright transfer contract.

We’re wizards when it comes to graphic design, motion graphics and web development, so the answer is YES! If you want anything else designed, animated or coded, contact us by chat, use the contact form or if you’re already a client, simply reply to the last mail you received from us detailing your request.

It takes a while. We check all reviews that are coming in against the orders that were placed. Once everything is in order, your review of our services will go live.

The majority of our clients opt for 1-3 design concepts, but we can design more. To do that, select “Three concepts” while placing the order and reach out to us for your request by replying to the confirmation e-mail.

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